Jen’s Story

When I was expecting my fourth child, I was waiting in the OB’s office and read an article on private and public cord donation. I had made the decision that private cord donation was not for me, however I had never heard of public donation. Up until this point, I had never thought about afterbirth being something useful – just something that went into the trash following childbirth. The idea that I was throwing away something that could potentially save someone’s life suddenly became remarkable to me, and I felt moved to donate. 

I immediately asked my OB about it. He said it was possible, but not at the hospital where I was delivering. I left feeling discouraged. Later it occured to me that I did not have to deliver where I had the previous three times. I looked online and discovered a local hospital that not only had public donation as a possibility but also my doctor delivered there too. 

I set up a tour at that hospital and decided to deliver there. When my fourth baby was born, I was so excited for this new little one and what he brought to my life, but I have to say, I was also impressed with the possibility of what a new little life would be bringing to someone else. Could these stem cells that would have gone into the trash save someone else’s life? I hope so!! Making the donation, to this day, is one of the top highlights of what I hope is my positive mark on this world. I try to tell my story as often as possible to encourage others to do the same.